Small Air Screen Cleaner

5FS Air Screen Cleaner is a precision and fine cleaner for small scale production in small farm.

It’s suited for preparation of all seed types such as vegetable seed, grain, oil seed, grass seed, clover seed etc. as well as for flower seed and spices.

Rice Huller with Polisher

SB Series Rice Huller with Polisher is a mini rice mill machine, used for the paddy processing in farms or small communities. It is able to make a complete working process transforming the paddy rice in white rice. It combines rubber roller paddy husker, ventilation system and friction whitening machine.


Winnower is designed for small farm and home use. It winnows light particles of chaff, dirt, husk, is suitable for all kinds of grains, seeds and crops.

Coffee Pulper

Coffee Pulper is a machine designed to remove sofe pulp from ripe red coffee cherries prior to fermentation and later drying. The coffee pulper is either hand-cranked or engine driven.

Laboratory Seed Processing Machines

Runnong provide all range of seed laboratory equipment for seed research institute college, including seed threshers, laboratory seed air screen cleaner, gravity separator, indented cylinder, seed treater, seed counter, moisture meter, ect.