Seed Treater

Prior to the sowing into the ground, the seeds have to be protected against infestation by fungi and animal pests. To obtain an efficient protection, a uniform coating of the surface of each individual seed grain has to be ensured.

5BY Seed Treater is a continuous type seed coating machines, are used for application of protective chemicals like insecticides, pesticides and fungicides to seed in a continuous process.

They are ideally suited for the liquid treatment and the incrustation of all seed varieties.

Magnetic Separator

Magnetic Separator use a magnetic force to separate metallic materials from the good seeds.

It is widely used in seed processing plant, flour mill and rice mill. The 5XCX magnetic separator is used to solve special problems that is to remove the soil and mud ball of weak magnetism which can not be taken out with other basic seed cleaning equipment.

Spiral Separator

Spiral Separator is are used to separate round seeds from other shaped seeds, such as soybeans, rape seed and vetch, in the seed industry for separating good soybeans from splits, broken seeds. It’s also used on most any free flowing product to sort round shapes from flat or oblong shapes.

Bean Polisher

Many commodities that are used for human consumption often require a surface polishing, before packaging; such as beans before delivery to the consumer. 5PG Bean Polisher gentle polish the beans by interaction of beans, polish screen and propelled by soft fabric or leather. It allows for removal of dirt, dust by means of fans and aspirator.

Seed Belt Grader

5XDC Seed Belt Separator provides a unique separation according to the shape of the product.

Spherical shaped particles are separated from non-spherical particles with the use of special pitched conveying belts. Spherical shaped particles roll towards the lower end of the conveying belt. The irregular shaped particles travel beyond the discharge area to the rail side and are carried to a separate discharge. Particles with flat edges (splits, stones, mud balls, etc.) upon introduction to the belt, will lie down and travel to the end of the belt into a separate discharge. A typical separation would be for edible soybeans for markets where a uniform shaped product is preferred.

Corn Thresher, De-huller, and De-awner

Corn Thresher is used to damage-free threshing corn seed of cobs.

5XTK De-huller is applicable for processing oats, barley and wheat.

De-awner is used to remove awns from barley and rice.

Color Sorter

Color Sorters are machines that are used on the production lines in bulk food processing and other industries. They separate items by their colors, detecting the colors of things that pass before them, and using mechanical or pneumatic ejection devices to divert items whose colors do not fall within the acceptable range.

Color sorters are mostly used in sorting grains. In rice processing industry, the rice sorting technology is according to the color differences of rice (husked paddy) materials, using a high-resolution CCD optical sensor to separate different stones, black rice, etc. It is the final step after polishing rice with a rice polisher.

It is in use for coarse cereals, such as wheat, corn, peanut, different kinds of beans, sesame seeds, etc. Sorting machines improve product quality and add social benefits.

In food processing industry, Color sorters are used for coffee, nuts, and oil crops. The goal is the separation of items that are discolored, toxic (such as ergot), not as ripe as required, or still with hull after de-hulling such as sunflower seed.