Seed Cleaner / Air Screen Cleaner

5X Seed Cleaner is high standard reliable seed cleaning machinery, which is designed to be used in seed cleaning applications. As the most popular model in global market, seed cleaner is used in professional seed processing plant in worldwide. The seed cleaner is equipped with an inlet hopper, one pre-air separator and one final air separator, bottom fan chamber, as well as three screen compartments oscillating in opposite directions. It excels at precision cleaning of all varieties of seed, grass seed, beans, wheat, rice, barley, rape seed, coffee, millet, corn, sesame, oil seed, flax, cocoa bean, soy beans and pulses and commodities grain.

  • large screen area for excellent cleaning
  • quick and easy changeable screens for all varieties of grain
  • all screens with rubber balls cleaning
  • machine is of steel construction with screen boats of laminated wood

Gravity Table / Gravity Separator

Gravity Table, also known as gravity separator, gravity air tables or density separators, is the process of fine grading and impurity separation of a number of products with identical particle size but with differences in their respective weights. Often this is the only possible method to achieve the purity required and the gravity separator is therefore used where traditional cleaning methods by air, screen, and indented cylinder prove to be less than effective. 5XZ gravity table is the key equipment in seed processing plant, play an important role who remove the inactive seed and short stem in seed and upgrade the final product to very high purity and quality standard.


Destoner, also known as stoner, dry stoner, is designed to remove the heavy impurities in seed, such as stones, metallic particles. 5XZQ destoner separate granular material according to the specific weight into two fraction. The combined effect of the shaking movement and of the air passing through the deck causes an arranging in layers of the material flowing in. The heavy admixtures sink towards the bottom and are moved to the highest point of the table deck surface by the contact with the rough deck covering.

5XZQ destoner find its application in seed processing especially on products being harvested close to the ground. It shows great versatility, which is also be used in rubber crumbs, activated carbon processing and other industries.

  • easy operation and maintenance
  • easy changeable decks for all varieties of seed and granule materials
  • adjustable inclination and vibration frequency

Indented Cylinder/ Length Separator

Indented Cylinder, also known as length separator, length grader, is used for length grading of all varieties of seed grains, such as wheat, barley, oat, rice, lentils, etc. It can separate short grain, broken grain or long grain as well as other unwanted short or long impurities.

Grain flows into the interior of the rotating cylinder whose cover is provided with special cell pockets. The short material settles down in the pockets, will be lifted by rotation of cylinder and after a certain distance fall out of the pockets under gravity into the trough and subsequently be discharged by means of a conveying screw.

The materials which are longer than the pocket diameter will immediately slide out and remain on the inside surface of the indent cover, be discharged at the end of cylinder outlet.

Seed Grader

5XFJ Seed Grader is suitable for grading of various cereal seeds, vegetable seeds, oil seeds, fodder seeds, pulses, wheat, paddy, maize, gram, soybean, sunflower, mustard, barley, coffee seeds, etc.