Reversible Flatbed Dryer

The Flatbed Dryer is small capacity batch-in-bin dryer, designed for farm or village use. It’s simple to construct using easily available and easy to operate with unskilled labor. Both direct and indirect heaters can be used with the flat-bed dryer. It’s suitable for all kinds of seeds and foods, such as chili, beans, garlic, coffee bean, cassava, sesame, rapeseed, paddy, wheat, corn, sunflower seed.

Re-circulating Grain Dryer

The Re-circulating Grain Dryer’s drying process is divided into 4 stages, loading, drying, cooling and discharging, corresponding to a single machine work configuration.

The grain enters moist and exits dry and cooled after passing through the machine from top to bottom.
The heat recovered from the grain during the cooling stage reduces fuel consumption considerably. The grain is subjected to progressive temperature reduction, so that the individual grains are not damaged by sudden temperature changes. The grains reach the discharge zone perfectly clean and cooled to ambient temperature, in such a way that they can be safely stored without any problems.

Continuous Grain Dryer

The Continuous Grain Dryer is where grain is continuously flowing through the dryer without stopping. Continuous-flow dryers can be considered as an extension of re-circulating batch dryers. It contains drying sections, tempering sections and cooling section, and each drying section is followed by a tempering section, to result a long and thorough drying. Compared with flatbed grain dryers and re-circulating batch dryers, continuous-flow dryers offer the largest drying capacity.