Grain Cleaner (Air Screen Cleaner)

5XZC Air Screen Cleaner is a compact, robust and reliable universal grain cleaner, which is designed to be used in grain seed and commodities cleaning applications. It excels at precision cleaning of all varieties of grain seed, grass, wheat, rice, barley, rape seed, coffee, millet, corn, sesame, oil seed, flax, cocoa bean, soy beans and pulses.

The grain cleaners offer you a choice of more than 20 different models, combined with many special features that suit your specific cleaning and capacity requirements. Pre-cleaning, fine cleaning and sizing for grain commodities as well as seed can be done when very high efficiency standards are required.

  • feeding bucket elevator
  • adjustable pre aspiration chamber and final aspiration (optional)
  • multiple screens for fine cleaning and precise sizing
  • quick and easy changeable screens for all varieties of grain
  • all screens with rubber ball cleaning

Gravity Separator

5XJC Gravity Separator adopts the structure and concept of purifier machine in flour mill, but still be popular in China working as gravity separator. It’s used for fine grading and impurity separation of grains identical particle size but with differences in their respective weights. 5XJC gravity separator is good at corn, wheat, rice and moderate size crops processing, not recommended for small size seed and heavy beans.

Grain flow at a uniform rate through the feed gate and is spread across the entire sieve width. Air is drawn through the sieves during the sieving operation. In the resulting fluid bed, the lowest density particles, normally the insect damage, molded or broken grains, are lifted and then tail over the sieves, while qualified seed drop through the sieves and collected.


TQSF Destoner is used to remove stones from grains. The grain stream is stratified according to its specific gravity by the oscillating motion of the screen and by the air flowing through the grain from bottom to top. The light particles collect at the top, the heavy ones including the stones at the bottom. The lower layer with the heavy particles (stones) flows upward and is discharged from stone outlets. The stone-free grain streams flow toward the product outlet.

Combined Grain Cleaner

5XFZ Combined Grain Cleaner is especially designed for grain and commodities cleaning. It combines scalping screens, aspirator, gravity table and final screening. The combined grain cleaner can be used for pre-cleaning and intensive seed cleaning, but mainly for grain cleaning. With the continuous improvement and development, combined grain cleaner dominated grain cleaning Chinese market and become first choice product of grain cleaning.