Runnong provides all type of conveyors for various usage, including Bucket elevator, pendulum bucket elevator, Z bucket elevator, belt conveyor, chain conveyor , jog conveyor, Vibratory Conveyors, Screw conveyor, auger conveyor, etc.

Tubular Cable Conveyor

Tubular Cable Conveyor (also known as Disc Conveyors and Drag Conveyors) gently slide bulk materials through smooth stainless steel tubing using low-friction polymer discs attached to stainless steel or galvanized cable.
The discs and cable are driven by a wheel at one end of the circuit, and put under tension by a wheel at the other end. This design allows single or multiple inlets and outlets, and the routing of conveyor tubing horizontally, vertically or at any angle, through small holes in walls or ceilings.

Materials ideally suited tubular cable conveyors include virtually all beans, cereals, coffees, dried fruits, frozen vegetables, grains, nuts, beans, pet foods, seeds, snack foods, spices, teas and other fragile/friable food products. Typical non-foods include: bulk chemicals, minerals, chopped fiberglass, microspheres, regrind, pellets of all types, tobacco and other fragile/friable products.

Pneumatic Grain Conveyor

The Pneumatic Grain Conveyor known as Suction blower is pressure conveying systems, used to move grain from one place to another. Pressure conveying systems require grain to be fed directly into a hopper above the injector or rotary valve.

The suction blower is a unique solution when flexible conveying is needed and is used everywhere for transporting grain. It sucks grain directly from the floor or pit through a flexible or fixed pipe system. At the blower, the grain is led over to the pipe on the pressure side. Pipes, bends and diverters can be fitted so that the grain can be conveyed to its desired destination.